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Younis Art Studio Inc. - Marianas Variety News & Views 


Fair. Balanced. Independent.

Established on March 16, 1972, Marianas Variety is the islands’ oldest, most trusted, most influential and most widely read newspaper. It is an independent publication with no ties to business or political interests. Its business is to be a newspaper, not to “defend” special interests or promote any business entity or politician.


Variety has a readership of 40,000 in the CNMI and 2,000 throughout Micronesia. We print an average of 28-40 pages daily with full color capability. We distribute in the CNMI, Guam, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia. We have subscribers in the South Pacific, the Philippines, Hawaii, Japan and the mainland U.S.


Variety provides its readers with the most extensive local and regional news and views. It carries interesting and in-depth feature stories, U.S. and international news. It has the liveliest opinion page in all of the Marianas and remains the only CNMI newspaper that takes a stand, through its editorials, on the burning issues of the day.


Variety is published from Monday to Friday and is owned by Younis Art Studio, a local company.


Variety’s website allows readers to submit comments as well as to see our advertising rates and other specifications.


Variety is a member of the Associated Press, Reuters and the Pacific Island News Association.




Best Newspaper, awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists-NMI chapter in 1995


Best Editorial Writing, SPJ-NMI, 1995


Best News Photography, SPJ-NMI, 1995


NMI Humanities Award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism, 2001


Best Online Edition of a Pacific Island Newspaper, 2002


Environmental Achievement Award, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2003

The MV Team


Laila Y. Boyer is an honors graduate from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, double majoring in mass communications and performing arts after attending programs at the Aichi University in Nagoya, Japan and Haifa University in Israel in international communications.  She worked as an education, government and community reporter for Marianas Variety from 1997 to 1999, and helped launched the company’s sister publications Palau Horizon in 1998 and Guam Variety in 2000 becoming the company’s operations manager and recognized as Guam’s Outstanding Woman of the Year in 2001.  In 2002, she returned to Saipan as general manager, expanded the MV sales team, became company president in 2010 and was nominated as Business Woman of the Year in 2012. An active community volunteer, she is the former president of the Saipan Rotary Club and Stellar Marianas, and assists with the NMI Girl Scouts, among other worthwhile organizations.


Zaldy Dandan studied broadcast journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and wrote and/or edited for the Philippine Daily Globe, the Manila Standard and the Manila Times. He was editor of the Marianas Observer from Feb. 1994 to Jan. 1996. He started writing for Marianas Variety in July 1996 and has covered all the news beats on island. He is the recipient of the Best Editorial Writer Award of the U.S. Society of Professional Journalists, and the CNMI Humanities Award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism. He has also been awarded fellowships to the University of the Philippines National Writers Workshop in Baguio City and the national writers workshop conducted by Philippine National Artist for Literature Edith L. Tiempo, Ph.D. in Dumaguete City. His fiction and poetry have appeared in several Philippine literary publications. His book of poems, "We'll Kiss Like It's Air and We're Running Out of It," book of short stories, "Die! Bert! Die!," and novel, "How I Learned What Really (Probably) Happened to Amelia Earhart" are available on


Emmanuel “Arnold” T. Erediano is a journalism graduate of the Lyceum of the Philippines and was a police reporter for People’s Journal Tonight, a leading national publication, for 11 years before he started working for  Marianas Variety in 2006.


Honorio “Junhan” B. Todiño has a bachelor of science degree in commerce from Southwestern University and, starting in 1990, was a reporter for radio/TV and newspapers in the central and southern Philippines. He is also a former reporter of Island Times in Koror, Palau.


Bryan Manabat was a liberal arts student of Northern Marianas College where he also studied criminal justice.  He is the recipient of the NMI Humanities Award as an Outstanding Teacher (Non-Classroom) in 2013, and has worked for the CNMI Motheread/Fatheread Literacy Program as lead facilitator. He was also an active member and/or officer for CNMI community outreach and cultural non-profit organizations.


James Sablan has been writing sports stories for Variety since 2013. He is a liberal arts student of Northern Marianas College.


Lori Lyn C. Lirio is a mass communications graduate of the Lyceum of the Philippines, and is a former reporter/writer of Metro Star News, People’s Tonight, the Philippine Daily Globe, and the TV program Calvento Files.


Sophia Perez received an honors degree in rhetoric at UC Berkeley before moving to Los Angeles to work as the content manager for a local tech firm. She eventually moved east to Brooklyn, where she could transition from advertising and promotional content to more journalistic work. She moved to Saipan in 2018 and covers culture and activism in the Marianas.


K-Andrea Evarose Suda Limol is a graduate of Xavier High School in Chuuk, and has studied, as a Gates Millennium Scholar, at Fordham University in New York, the University of Alaska Anchorage and St. Francis College in New York where she obtained her bachelor of arts degree in political science in 2019. 


Prince Factor graduated from Marianas High School in 2015, and is a former student of the Northern Marianas Trades Institute. He is currently studying computer applications at Northern Marianas College.

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