(Press Release) — LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization Pride Marianas’ Kiki 2021, a celebration providing the community a safe space for self-expression, music and dance, was held at Aqua Resort Club poolside over the weekend on Saturday evening, June 19. The event drew well over 100 attendees, including representatives from the government and sponsoring partners. The evening featured a silent auction, raffle, stage performance by island showman Neil Fama and music by DJ Rico. Premier entertainment and production group Palm Trio hosted the celebration.

The event helped to raise funds for year-round programming in advocacy and future safe space events aimed at promoting visibility, education, and representation for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in the CNMI. Places and events where members of the community feel free and empowered to express themselves and live authentically are constantly diminished by staggering statistics regarding physical violence, not excluding homicide and suicide.

Pride Marianas views the weekend event as an encouraging success and show of support. The group encourages all LGBTQIA+ community members, allies, and sponsors to continue to participate and collaborate in their advocacy year round, and would like to acknowledge and express their gratitude toward the following sponsors:

Pride Marianas Youth, Palm Trio, T-Project, Top Shelf Wine & Spirits, Rep. Sheila Babauta, Marpac, Joeten Enterprises, Turnkey Solutions, Pacifica Insurance, The Shack, Roil Soil, Athlete's Foot, Naked Fish, Tyler’s Gelatte Stone, Ina’s Kitchen, SPN.dylus670, Taboo, Pena House Boutique, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, and Tribe Marianas.

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