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THE  most significant qualities of a father can be seen in the dreams, aspirations, and goals he sets for his entire family. A father is not an anchor to hold anyone back. He is the guiding light of love to show everyone the way as he makes his loved ones feel safe. No matter how tall you grow, a father will always be someone you look up to. This Father’s Day, we celebrate how incredible and inspiring dads are.

Father’s Day — June 20 this year — is a meaningful celebration because his selfless love builds a strong foundation in a home and society. Fatherhood is not all about producing and raising biological children. Any man can be a father. But a caring father puts others’ needs before his own and listens to those who have been forgotten and ignored. Being a father is not about sharing the same blood. Fathers play a vital role emotionally and mentally even if they are not related to their children.

Fathers do not always enjoy the glow of admiration because they have the cultural image of being the breadwinner and authority figure. They are intimate but also aloof, compassionate but disciplinarians. Fathers feel the burden of their responsibilities but do not show it because they strive to be superheroes.

On this unforgettable day, all fathers should be given an abundance of praise, attention, and acknowledgment. Even if a father stands for “tough love,” he is still present and loving and wants to feel the same in return.

A father’s devotion is unconditional. Fathers encourage us to do better and are role models as guardians and advocates. Fathers are adventurous and inspire us to be our best selves. They help us find our feet, which is why we should protect and cherish them in return. A father’s tears and fears may be unseen, and his love unexpressed, but his care and compassion will always remain a pillar of strength throughout a person’s life. They are heroes because they are our first love.

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