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Kentucky Fried Chicken Saipan is fully compliant with the Covid-19 safety protocols.

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KENTUCKY Fried Chicken Saipan, which serves the most famous fried chicken on island, has launched its newest product, the Chicken Burger.

Featuring KFC’s extra crispy chicken fillet placed on a sesame seed hamburger bun and topped with cheese, veggies and KFC special mayo sauce, the new KFC Chicken Burger is sure to delight the island’s chicken lovers.

Moreover, the new line of “Bun Meat Bun” sandwiches comes in three delicious choices — Chicken Bacon Burger, Chicken Cheese Burger, and Chicken Barbecue Burger.

A solo order of Chicken Bacon Burger costs $4.99 while a combo costs $6.99. A solo order of Chicken Cheese or Chicken BBQ burgers costs $4.59 while the combo costs $6.59.

This newest product line was rolled out across the nation in KFC’s 4,000 restaurants early this year, KFC Saipan manager Reyole Aldan said. On Saipan, it will be available seven days a week, and served piping hot all the time.

This Lenten season, KFC Saipan also offers its valued customers Lent Specials — these are limited time treats that substitute shrimp for the main ingredient in such KFC favorites as Mashed Potato Bowl Shrimp, Rice Bowl Shrimp, Caesar Salad Shrimp, KFC Shrimp Burger, Shrimp Twister Wrap, Large Popcorn Shrimp and Small Popcorn Shrimp.

In addition, KFC Saipan is upgrading its KFC @ a.m. breakfast special that features Local Island Fried Rice.

Breakfast Meal No. 1 is a combination of fried rice, one piece of chicken, a slice of Spam, one sausage link and two eggs.

Breakfast Meal No. 2 is a plate of fried rice with one-piece chicken, two slices of Spam and two eggs.

Breakfast Meal No. 3 is a plate of fried rice with one piece of extra crispy chicken, two sausage links, and two eggs.

All the meals, which come with gravy and cold or hot drink, cost $9.39 each.

KFC Saipan's weekly promo of discounted meals is ongoing. The quick serve restaurant has been operating its second cash register to serve an additional queue of fried chicken fans and Taco Bell customers every day.

To order, call 234-6523 and 989-0110.

KFC lovers can also order through the Eats Easy App.


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