(MVA) — In celebration  of the resumption  of international flights to the Marianas, the Hafa Adai & Tirow Summer Jam will be on July 31, 2021,  in Saipan.

The  event,  organized  by  the  Marianas   Visitors  Authority ,  will  highlight  the importance of tourism for the Marianas.

"Our  board  of directors  have approved  the hosting  of the Hafa Adai & Tirow  Summer Jam this month as a 'warm-up' for the return of tourism,"  said MVA Managing  Director Priscilla M.  Iakopo.   "Building  on the success  of the Tinian Hot Pepper  Festival  held last February,  this event  is  an  excellent  opportunity  to  demonstrate  the  strength  of our  community  protocols  in responding  to Covid-19  and to showcase some of the best of what the Marianas has to offer in terms of cultural and heritage tourism."

The  one-day  event  is scheduled  from  3-10 p.m.  at Guma  Sakman  in  Susupe  and will feature international cuisine and live entertainment.   Entry is free.   Activities  will include a Battle of the Bands  competition, the Youth  Shoreline  Fishing  Derby  organized  by Tasi to Table, free canoe rides from MVA by reservation,  a vendor booth  competition, a fireworks  display, and more.

Covid-19  protocols  will be strictly  followed  at the event,  which  is anticipated  to also include a vaccination booth.

For   more   information,   contact   MVA   community   projects   specialist   Ed   Diaz   at ediaz@mymarianas.com  or 664-3200.

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