Most believe in the notion

"With God,

all things are possible.



(the Source,

the Light,


I Am,

The all,

[However you'd

want to term

"the 'bringer of

purpose' "]),

all things are possible."

Could "all things"

include perspectives as well?

Or should we all just be firm

on what we were taught?

Is it true when it feels right

or is it true because someone

credible taught as so?

Could Jesus be credible enough

or will the degree of our happiness

determine an idea's credibility?

What beliefs limits us

from seeing the greatness

in one another?

Will my past doings

discredit this thought

or will my current

lack of accomplishments

do so instead?

Are we limited by our beliefs

or do we limit our belief?

Are all things possible

with God or

are most things possible

with God?

Free fall and fly free, Philosophers.

2020 has been a great awakening for most. A great shift with consciousness. May our hearts be open to people with different viewpoints to life even if our time can't afford being around them. Don't forget that everyone in our lives are teachers. Every experience contains a lesson and out of awareness, every lesson will grant us ascension if not back together, then together upwards. Ascension. Mind, Body & Spirit.

— Cile Nogis




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