(SIS) — Saipan International School has just started a new student-led project: Gecko Publications.

Gecko Publications with the motto, “Endless Possibilities,” will be working with external printing houses to produce selected print projects. Students will form both the production team and the editorial teams, selecting book projects of interest at school and in the broader community.

So far, Gecko Publications has produced three books: “The Saipan Coloring Book” and the Advanced Placement research papers for 2020 and 2021.

“The Saipan Coloring Book” will be the first book available to the public from Gecko Publications, at Saipan International School, will be released on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The book will be available to purchase at Saipan International School and at Marianas Creations. All proceeds of this book will go to enriching the art program at Saipan International School.

“The Saipan Coloring Book” is a collection of artwork and poems created by Saipan International School students. The artwork is a celebration of Saipan!

Each student chose an image that is commonly associated with Saipan and transformed them into works of art for others to color. The cover page, for example, is of the lookout point to Bird Island. The students determined that that was a very recognizable tourist attraction in Saipan. The other pages highlight the wonders that can be found in our beautiful ocean as well as some favorites that you might find at home. The students also chose historical objects of significance in the Chamorro and Carolinian cultures.

“It was hard to narrow down the submissions, but once we did Ms. Church had her students write poems that would coincide with the artwork. It was a great collaboration and the students are hoping we can make it an annual project,” SIS said.

“We are delighted that our first publication will be ready to purchase in time for the holidays. It is a coloring book people of all ages will enjoy and a great way to share the wonders of Saipan with the world!”

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