NORTHFIELD, Vt. (Norwich University) — Anhkiet Huynh of Saipan, majoring in electrical and computer engineering, was named a Center for Global Resilience and Security fellow at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont.

The Center for Global Resilience and Security or CGRS is a Norwich University research center of excellence dedicated to the advancement of the interrelationships between human resilience and sense of security in the face of global challenges. CGRS is focused on challenges in the areas of climate change, water, energy, and infrastructure and their impact on resilience and security. CGRS will craft creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions for building resilient communities, through inter-disciplinary research and design collaboration.

Students’ tasks revolve around furthering research for the organization. Each student has their own topic to focus on that relates to an issue that is relevant in today’s world. Some research topics include environmental security, climate misinformation and technologies, and improving the health of Vermont communities.

Huynh is researching energy resilience specifically focusing on renewable energy development for low income families.

“Although I've only recently been added to the CGRS fellowship, I am heavily invested in the work I will put in. I intend to create an impact that will help others in situations that I, along with many others, have dealt it,” Huynh said. “I would personally like to thank Paul Murphy, whom without his guidance, I wouldn't be seeking the opportunities I have today as aggressively as I would have without him."

Each student is tasked with researching in-depth information about their topic and finding creative solutions to those issues.

“The CGRS student fellows are such a vital and vibrant part of CGRS,” CGRS Associate Director Dr. Kaitlin Thomas said. “I have found that their enthusiasm and curiosity —  spanning such a wide variety of disciplines and topics — is so motivating to me in my role as their scholarly advisor. Their ideas are truly inspiring, and give me a renewed sense of confidence that the future is bright under their lead.”

For more details on the student fellows and all the people of CGRS,  visit:

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