Beaudy Camacho

Guam entrepreneur Beaudy Marea Gogue Camacho shows copies of the collaborative book "When Women Heal." In the book she shares her past stories of abuse and finding her work passion and success.

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Guam entrepreneur Beaudy Marea Gogue Camacho is celebrating her role in the collaborative book "When Women Heal."

"When Women Heal" is a rollercoaster read of emotions that includes 16 women’s experiences, including Camacho's, of overcoming their own traumas. Accounts of childhood abuse, domestic violence and near-death experiences are shared in the book.

In the anthology, by author Natasha Bray, Camacho shared her story of healing after trauma, of how she went from people-pleaser to passion-seeker in the fundraising book for the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, a charity that supports survivors of childhood abuse.

She shared a story about a destructive and toxic path in her life and how living a passion-led life helped change all that.

Camacho, 28, from Dededo is the founder of Fundforte and Beaudy Co. Labs, a team leader and business mentor for the Female Entrepreneur Association International and a local ASIST Trainer with the Guam PEACE Office.

“Being a part of the entire process has been such a beautiful adventure. It has allowed me to be even more transparent with myself. I used to think that I strived for so much in life because there were voids to fill. But now, as I continue to write and recollect all the traumatic and beautiful events in my life, I see that I strive for everything I want because living my best life is how I can continue to show gratitude,” Camacho said in a press release.

To take a peek at the beginning of the book, go to

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