(Press Release) — As part of Environmental Awareness Month, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality sponsored the “Recycling in the Marianas” competition, in collaboration with the Department of Public Works. The competition was open to all public and private schools on Saipan, with the goal to increase student awareness and involvement in waste reduction and recycling.

A total of six schools participated in the competition which started on March 30, 2021 and ended, on April 23, 2021.

The schools collected the following recyclable items: cardboard/paper, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles, and delivered the recyclable materials to the DPW Recycling Center located at the Lower Base Transfer Station. DPW weighed and tracked each school’s recyclable materials management during the competition.

The participating schools were Marianas High School, Da’ok Academy, Isla Montessori, Saipan Community School, Saipan International School, and Agape Christian School. The winning schools were determined by the highest total weight collected per recyclable category.

All schools “win” through their achievements in waste reduction and recycling!

As a result, a total of three  schools won 1st place with an evenly distributed amount of $125 in the Recycling in the Marianas Competition for heaviest weight collected.

Recycling categories: Cardboard/Paper, Plastic Bottles, and Aluminum cans

Winning schools per category:

Marianas High School – Cardboard/Paper: 2,220 lbs.

Da’ok Academy- Plastic bottles: 740 lbs.

Isla Montessori-Aluminum cans: 120 lbs.

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