PAGO PAGO (Talanei News/Pacific Island Times/Pacnews) —  At least 51.8% of American Samoa's population had received their first dose of  Covid-19 vaccine, while 36.9% had completed their dual shots as of   March 22, the Talanei News reported.

The older age groups — 51 and older — who are at high risk of serious and/or life-threatening complications from Covid-19 continue to be vaccinated in large numbers.

The American Samoa government anticipates achieving herd immunity soon and the possibility of revising the Department of Health policies with regard to quarantine requirements.

The territorial government said American Samoa will continue to take extra precautions and a more conservative approach to quarantine measures.

“Until such a time where the medical community feels confident enough and comfortable with our vaccination rates, we will continue to do what is necessary to repatriate our residents and keep our community safe from the virus,” the territorial government said.

As of March 29, 2021, American Samoa was Covid-19-free.

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