Commissioner of Education Dr. Alfred B. Ada, Board of Education Chairman Andrew L. Orsini, Senate President Jude U. Hofschneider, Associate Commissioner for Administration Eric Magofna, Chamorro Carolinian and Heritage Studies Program Director Jonas Barcinas, Senior Director for Instructional Services Jackie Quitugua, San Vicente Elementary School principal Paulette Sablan and Kagman Elementary School principal Dr. Ignacia Demapan pose for a photo with Chamorro Carolinian and Heritage Studies classroom teachers: Marlyn Tenorio, Jennie Magofna, Elsie Johnson, Joaquin Camacho, Gloria Rasiang, Josephine Agulto, Stephanie Mensa, Antonette Ayuyu, Rose Hoseno, Lee Pangelinan, Monica Pangelinan, Trisha Mendiola, Tricia Taitano, Alma Villagomez, Erica Evangelista, Ina Bermudes, Lisa Emwalu. Lyn Seman, and Kuino Camacho. Tinian and Rota CCLHS teachers also joined their peers virtually in a gathering Wednesday afternoon at KagES. They talked about expanding the Public School System’s Immersion Program, which was pioneered at KagES, with Dr. Ada saying that the goal is “to revive the indigenous languages.”

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