From left, Dr. Lily Muldoon, Dr. Jenna Kong, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Program Special Assistant Yvette R. Sablan, and SAAR Group Home Manager Itimal Taisakan pose for a photo with a $1,000 check donated by the hospital to the program.

THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Sunshine Squad on Wednesday made a $1,000 donation to the Hinemlu O’hala Para Enteramenti Recovery Center Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Program, or HOPE Recovery Center SAAR Program, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Present for the occasion were Special Assistant for SAAR Yvette R. Sablan, SAAR Group Home Manager Itimal Taisakan, Dr. Jenna Kong, Dr. Lily Bloom Muldoon, and CHCC public information officer Guillermo C. Lifoifoi.

“On behalf of our honorable Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and on behalf of the HOPE Recovery team, we are extremely thankful and sincerely appreciate this very thoughtful and generous donation... This couldn't come at a better time... What a way to start our Thanksgiving spirit. We can't wait to put this to good use. We’re excited to share it with the participants,” Sablan said.

She said unfortunately, due to the recent rise in positive Covid-19 cases in the community, the participants were no longer able to be present for the occasion.

“But they all would have been here and would have been very pleased to receive this very generous donation,” she said.

Sablan thanked the CHCC medical staff for the donation.

Dr. Kong, for her part, said, “This donation comes from the medical staff here at CHCC. We want to support as many local non-profit organizations and charities as possible. They’re a very worthy organization, so we’re happy to do this."

Both she and Dr. Muldoon serve on the committee that helps decide what goes on with the medical staff funds.

“When the opportunity came up to support the HOPE Recovery Center, I was one of the first ones to be like, ‘Yes, I think that’s a great idea.’ As an emergency room doctor, I see there, every day, people who are suffering from substance abuse disorders and have referred patients to the recovery center, and have both taken care of patients who have come from the center. It’s really remarkable, the services that they’re able to provide,” Dr. Muldoon said.

“I know that this isn’t a lot, but it’s a little bit and I think also just a nod from the medical staff as a thank you for the service that [they] are doing [at the center.]”

The CHCC Sunshine Squad is the committee that represents the hospital’s medical staff.

“Not only do we make donations quarterly to different nonprofit organizations in our community, but we also have a goal to try to build some camaraderie, collaboration, and connection among the staff. We have different fun activities that we host occasionally to bring different people together. If we become a better team, we also take better care of our patients,” Dr. Muldoon said.

The HOPE Recovery Center is temporarily located at the Gold Beach Hotel as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently sweeping the area of their permanent site for unexploded ordnance.

According to Sablan, the center is capped at 18 participants due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently housing 14 participants.

“We just look forward to going back to the HOPE recovery compound and then we’ll be able to do more work,” she said.

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