Most of the students did an excellent job and placed in all events since the start of the competition in October. First grader Matua Wyatt Puguon in K-2 Division said that he is happy that he won again in Impromptu Speaking and also won in DUO Interpretation with his brother Wigan Thor in second grade. “I am excited to compete again in January,” he said.

Fourth grader Hans Gabriel Ordas in 3-5 Division said, “It is an honor to compete with so many competitors from different schools. I would like to thank Ms. Esther and my parents for guiding me in this competition.”

There is minimal practice in school due to protocols, so students practice mostly at home and send videos to the coaches. All events are prerecorded videos except for Impromptu Speaking which is live via google meet app.

PGFC competition encourages public and private school students from kindergarten 5 to fifth grade  to participate in and become proficient in the forensic performing arts: reading, public speaking, and interpretation.

The administration, faculty and staff, and parents of Grace Christian Academy would like to extend their congratulations to the following winners who participated in this competition.

Congratulations to all GCA November PGFC winners!

All GCA students did an excellent job in PGFC competition

Grace Christian Academy students excelled in the second virtual monthly qualifying Primary Grades Forensic Conference. GCA photo

K-2 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

Solen Divanica Camacho, 3rd Place

Humorous Interpretation

Fiona Yu, 4th Place

Reader’s Forum A

Wigan Thor Puguon, 1st Place

Reader’s Forum Masters A

Mirielle Isla Badal, 1st Place

Reader’s Forum Masters B

Fiona Yu, 1st Place

Impromptu Speaking A

Matua Wyatt Puguon, 2nd Place

Duo Interpretation B

Matua Wyatt Puguon, 4th Place

Wigan Thor, 4th Place

3-5 Division


Hans Gabriel Ordas, 1st Place

Dramatic Interpretation

Catalina Marie Frink, 3rd Place

Nerissa Corinne Xiao Liu, 4th Place

Duo Interpretation

Llyanna Jairah Libut, 3rd Place

Eliane Nerrise Pagaduan, 3rd Place

Humorous Interpretation

Catalina Marie Frink, 1st Place

Chloe Hayul Shin, 3rd Place

Baila Marie Loomis, 4th Place

Impromptu Speaking A

Hans Gabriel Ordas, 1st Place

Impromptu Speaking B

Remelene Geoliz Falig, 4th Place

Reader’s Forum A

Anne Gabriel Arriola, 1st Place

Baila Marie Loomis, 2nd Place

Reader’s Forum B

Eliane Nerrise Pagaduan, 1st Place

Llyanna Jairah Libut, 2nd Place

Reader’s Forum C

Breanna May Lopez, 1st Place

Mariska Badal, 3rd Place

Nerissa Corinne Xiao Liu, 4th Place

PGFC Coach/Coordinator: Esther Manzano

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