This year’s graduating class comprises 40 seniors, many of whom have attended Mount Carmel School for more than four years. Among the graduates, a majority of students intend to pursue a college degree from a four-year university off-island or will start smart at Northern Marianas College. The remaining seniors have plans to enlist into the United States military or enter the CNMI workforce.

“Despite the pandemic, I’m hopeful that by next year many colleges and universities will figure out safe ways to hold classes and house students on college campuses” shared MCS senior Ms. Trinity Cruz. “I’m very determined because my goal is to become a physician assistant and ultimately bring my professional experience back to the CNMI.”

As part of her college list, Ms. Gia Hemley shared that she intends to start at Northern Marianas College. “I plan on attending NMC for one to two years and then transfer to Temple University in Japan.” She continued, “I know myself well enough to acknowledge that adjusting to college life, especially during a pandemic, will be a challenge. After researching more about NMC, I was happy to find that many of NMC’s credits can transfer to Temple University, so I look forward to saving money in that way too.”

MCS seniors determined to finish strong

Despite the pandemic, Mount Carmel School’s graduating seniors are determined to finish the school year strong. In the photo are MCS seniors taking their break during face-to-face classes. MCS photo

MCS senior Mr. Kody Foreman shared that he intends to enlist into the U.S. military after graduation. “Growing up, I’ve always admired the men and women in the armed forces. To me, it's a very honorable act of service that I hope to also be a part of. Plus, I know there are also a wide range of career opportunities in the military that can be an option for me.”

“Our entire team is extremely proud of our students,” shared MCS principal Mrs. Frances Taimanao. “Adjusting to online learning platforms is a challenge for everyone, but our students have been doing their best to stay focused on their studies. Our team is focused on finding new scheduling options that can increase face-to-face classes while abiding by the guidelines provided by the Covid-19 Task Force.”

Mount Carmel School president Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD said he is proud of all  MCS students for their resilience and appreciation for the support of their parents to help their children succeed.

“During this pandemic, we know that behind every committed student is a devoted parent who ensures that their child keeps up with their studies. We strive to honor that effort by prioritizing continuous improvement to our systems and procedures and finding safe ways to engage,” he said.

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