BRIDGE Investment Group has been issued a Division of Coastal Resources Management major siting permit, according to Merrill Ayuyu, Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality wastewater, earthmoving and erosion control branch manager.

But the siting permit still requires BIG to obtain “[another] wastewater treatment system” permit to construct; and after construction is completed, BIG must obtain an authorization to operate from the Division of Environmental Quality, Ayuyu told Variety.

He said a major siting permit from DCRM is required for projects that have the potential to “significantly or cumulatively impact coastal resources.”

BIG said it is investing $16 million on a casino-ferry construction project and plans to hire 98 employees.

Last year, the investor was ordered to stop its construction activities because it failed to secure a proper permit from BECQ or approval from the Commonwealth Ports Authority before BIG could convert its initial plan for a ferry terminal into a gaming facility with a restaurant and VIP rooms.

BECQ noted the lack of a disposal system at the project site, adding that there was no sewer system in the area to accommodate a septic tank that BIG had to construct for the gaming facility, restaurant and VIP rooms.

BIG’s amended development and business plan for the property, which it leased from CPA, now includes a wastewater facility or other wastewater treatment facility, and an environmental consulting firm that will provide a compliance report for the project.


Bryan Manabat studied criminal justice at Northern Marianas College. He covers the community, tourism, business, police and court beats.

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