DEPARTMENT of Public Lands Acting Secretary Sixto K. Igisomar said DPL is working diligently to meet the many goals the department has set for 2021.

In his letter to Speaker Edmund Villagomez on Tuesday, Igisomar said DPL "has made some noteworthy accomplishments in 2020."

These include the fourth unqualified financial audit, which, he said, “cleared” the department of the Office of the Public Auditor's citations; the execution of a new long-term lease agreement with Fiesta Resort; collecting $4.1 million in public benefits; hosting its first scholarship essay contest for students of Northern Marianas descent; and remitting $4.45 million to the Marianas Public Land Trust.

Igisomar said DPL is also working on commissioning appraisals to process land claim compensation and exchanges. The department, he added, is likewise moving forward with its homestead infrastructure projects; verifying if lessees and permittees are in compliance with DPL regulation; and negotiating new lease agreements that will benefit the CNMI.


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