(Press Release) — Dyncorp  International, a global leader in providing logistics  and  mission  readiness for the  U.S. military and  its allies, recently donated $500  toward the  programs of the  Ohala  Foundation on Tinian. The  donation will go  toward the  efforts  of providing meals,  clothing, medical support and  training  programs for the people of the Marianas.

On Tinian, Dyncorp  is handling all the logistics  management for the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion, better known as the Navy Seabees.

“Support from community partners like Dyncorp  International is critical right now. They’re a fine example of corporate citizens  and  we  thank  them  for their  commitment in making  a  lasting impact in our community,” said Phillip Mendiola-Long, chairman of the Ohala  Foundation.  “Our efforts  and  goals  can go  much  farther  whenever we receive assistance from companies such as Dyncorp  International. Thank  you  to  them  and  Mark Rozycki and  his team for their  help,” he added.

The  Ohala   Foundation  has  provided  assistance to  over  300  families  that   are  facing   food shortages and would like to thank those generous sponsors and the community for their support.

The foundation is currently  offering  a raffle to assist those most  in need and  would like to invite the  community to enter the  raffle by visiting ohalafoundation.org

Interested donors can reach out to the  foundation by visiting ohalafoundation.org or by calling 433-2664.

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