(GCEA) — The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers has launched its newest initiative, the Marianas Village Pride campaign or MVP, to improve life in he Marianas by inspiring students and residents to show pride in where they live by taking part in fun beautification activities.

The campaign reinforces the idea that residents are valuable participants in caring for their villages. Youth to adults, every person can contribute to making the villages safer, cleaner, and better places to live. In the classrooms, the campaign provides teachers with tools to spark conversations with students about environmental responsibility, sustainability, and the key role each student can play in the future of the Marianas.

“We are interested in highlighting what makes each village unique and beautiful and preserving that for the future,” said Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, the co-chairman of GCEA. “This campaign brings together the best of the Marianas and invites every resident to be a part of this shared vision for improving the overall quality of life for all.”

He added, “GCEA recently celebrated the first anniversary of the success of its Public Private Partnership in which PPP partners have committed to transforming public facilities, parks, and tourism sites. We wanted to go deeper into the heart of the islands and place more emphasis on beautifying our villages.”

GCEA is collaborating closely with the mayors of Saipan, Rota, and Tinian, and the Public School System to promote the campaign in all schools and villages.

“Village pride entails being proud of where you’re from and showing that pride through beautifying our homes, neighborhoods, streets, schools, community centers, parks, and attractions for the benefit of all residents,” said Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang.

“The MVP Campaign highlights the cooperation and assistance that we need to create a better community for everyone. I encourage all members of our community to support the MVP Campaign and take pride and ownership in transforming our villages.”

The multi-faceted community-building campaign offers educational, artistic, and beautification activities for students and invites groups and organizations to join Marianas-wide beautification efforts to include the following:

Adopt-A-Median Program

As an extension to GCEA’s community-supported PPP program, the Adopt-A-Median program invites schools, residents, organizations, and businesses to help make streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks in their villages safer for pedestrians and motorists by painting them for better visibility. GCEA will provide the supplies, and most projects can be completed within an afternoon or weekend. Students, you will earn service hours for their participation. Sign up at cnmieconomy.com

MVP Village Flag Art Contest

Middle and high school students throughout the Marianas are invited to use their artistic talents to inspire the design of their villages’ flags! This contest asks students to illustrate what makes their villages special, unique, and wonderful places to live. The contest’s criteria are posted on the MVP webpage. The contest launched on Oct. 5 and the deadline to submit the artwork is on Oct. 26.

MVP lessons and coloring pages

Elementary school students can join the conversations about what it means to have village pride, caring for the environment, being a good neighbor, and making their villages better places to live. Lessons and coloring pages are available for download on GCEA’s website, cnmieconomy.com

MVP Bus Stop Beautification Contest

All groups, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to adopt a bus stop in their villages to compete for prizes! Students earn service hours for their participation. The campaign aims to beautify more than 20 bus stops in Saipan, four in Rota, and two to three in Tinian. GCEA will provide the supplies. Register online by Nov. 1st. The contest begins on Nov. 12.

MVP Christmas Decorating Contest

School groups, residents, organizations, and businesses are invited to make the Marianas festive and beautiful this holiday season by cleaning, beautifying, and decorating their homes, schools, community centers or basketball courts, village entrances, and businesses. Sign up online to participate by Nov. 1. The contest begins on Nov. 29.

High school students can earn service hours for their participation in beautification activities and contests. At the end of the campaign period, schools will earn points based on students’ participation and have the chance to win cash prizes.

Governor Torres said, “We thank PSS, teachers, and parents for partnering with us to help students understand the concept of village pride. We believe they are never too young to learn how they can take care of the environment, be good neighbors, and live well.”

GCEA invites the community to engage, like, and share its MVP content on Facebook and Instagram (@cnmieconomy) and to tag their MVP photos to be featured on GCEA’s platforms (#BeAnMVP, #MarianasVillagePride, and #TogetherWeCanMarianas).

About GCEA

The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers’ mission is to provide objective advice to Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios to ensure that future economic decisions and programs are aligned to ultimately improve the CNMI’s quality of life. GCEA’s Public Private Partnership initiative has drawn widespread support throughout the community. Various projects have been launched to support this transformation campaign. For more information, visit cnmieconomy.com or engage with the GCEA on Facebook and Instagram (@cnmigov.economy) or by email at gceacnmi@gmail.com

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