(GMS) — “Congratulations, Falcons!” shouted the teacher-coaches of Green Meadow School to all the participants of the first virtual Primary Grade Forensic Conference for this year.

“What a way to start the new year! Keep it up, Falcons!” blurted one parent who couldn’t hide his excitement in the result of the competition.


Green Meadow School students who competed in the year’s first Primary Grade Forensic Conference pose for a photo with one of their teachers.

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Rhyane Umali, a 4th grader, exclaimed, “Teacher, I won twice!”

These are only some of the expressions of joy of students, parents, and teacher-coaches as they look at the list of winners in the PGFC event last month.

Despite the strict health and safety protocols the school is practicing, the students made another mark in this competition by winning top places.

Whether the competition is done virtually or face-to-face, the Falcons are sure to do their best.

GMS thanks the hardworking teacher-coaches and parents who work hand-in-hand in guiding the students to master their pieces. Hats off to  the administrators who continuously encourage and challenge the students to give their 101 percent in all their undertakings. Kudos to the Falcons, for bring pride and glory to the school.


Green Meadow School is proud of its students for performing well in the recently held Primary Grade Forensic Conference.

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Below is a complete list of GMS PGFC winners:

K-2 Division

Humorous Interpretation

1st place - Jade Haven Quindoza- 1st grade

Reader’s Forum B

1st place - Jade Haven Quindoza-1st grade

2nd place - Roanne Palma-1st grade

Dramatic Interpretation A

3rd place- Jarl Marcin Mabaquiao-2nd grade

Dramatic Interpretation B

2nd place - Roanne Palma-1st grade

5th place - Rayne Angela Roquelara-2nd grade

Reader’s Forum Masters A

2nd place - Angelee Agdoro-2nd grade

3rd place - Albert Miguel Santos-2nd grade

4th place - Giselle Hernandez-2nd grade

5th place - Mary Joy Pasaylo-2nd grade

Reader’s Forum Masters B

5th place-Lanz Carmelo Salamat-2nd grade


2nd place - Albert Miguel Santos-2nd grade

3rd place - Emmjie Escano-2nd grade

4th place - Johanna Sarabia-2nd grade

3-5 Division


2nd place - Nathaniel Coloma-3rd grade

Humorous Interpretation

2nd place - Rhyane Umali-4th grade

3rd place - Dorsan James Santos-4th place

Reader’s Forum Masters A

1st place - Jamie Andrea Palabay-3rd grade

4th place - Sander Dalle Guerzon-5th grade

Reader’s Forum Masters B

2nd place - Amiel Jesse Din-4th grade

4th place - Miguel Aumentado-4th grade

5th place - Anabella Jewels Griffin-3rd grade

Reader’s Forum Masters C

3rd place - Jasper Alfred Cabaobas-4th grade

4th place - Jericho Hinolan-5th grade

5th place - Rhyane Umali-5th grade

Reader’s Forum Masters D

2nd place - Iandre Ranin-3rd grade

5th place - Nicole Tangonan-3rd grade

Dramatic Interpretation

1st place - Nelisa Nicole Acaba- 5th grade

3rd place - Jasper Alfred Cabaobas-4th grade

4th place - Miel Jewel Mabaquiao-3rd grade

Duo Interpretation A

1st place - Kyle Khaled Ladia & Paul Andrei Bernardo-4th grade

4th place - Iandre Ranin & Greatshen Martin-3rd grade

5th place - Sean Matthew Bamba & Thaddaeus Tolentino-4th grade

Duo Interpretation B

2nd place - Nelisa Nicole Acaba & Isabella Marie Mallari-5th grade

3rd place - Rhett Garth Agbayani & Rochelle Ann de Leon-5th grade

4th place - Andrea Fhe Remilloza & Rihanna Grace de Leon-5th grade

5th place - Benjie Escano Jr. & John Matthew Aumentado-3rd grade


3rd place - Jamie Andrea Palabay-3rd grade

4th place - Jericho Hinolan-5th grade

5th place - Isabella Marie Mallari-5th grade

For more information about Green Meadow School, call 235-2185,  email info@greenmeadowschool.net or visit its main campus in Chalan Kiya.

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