(Office of the Governor) — Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and the CNMI Scholarship Office announce the reinstatement of all suspended programs and an increase in scholarship award amounts effective Fall 2021.

The CNMI Scholarship Board met  Wednesday and voted on the increase in scholarship awards, which will be distributed in October. The board also voted to reinstate suspended programs, which allowed a maximum award of $2,100 per semester for traditional students at Northern Marianas College, other colleges, and universities and $1,350 per semester for Northern Marianas Technical Institute students. Previously, the maximum award for students was $400 per semester.

“Our scholarship program is one of the biggest priorities of our administration because we place an emphasis on the value of our students at NMC, NMTI, and other colleges and universities around the country when they finally receive their degree or certification. Many of them have returned home to work in our administration, in our private sector, and in the nonprofit sector giving back to our community. Every dollar we prioritize for our scholarships go a long way. We thank our students and their parents for their patience, and we will continue to do our part to support them in their dreams and aspirations for a successful career in the future,” said Governor Torres. 

According to CNMI Scholarship Administrator Mildred Sablan-Camacho, a student can receive $750 for the Education Assistance Program base grant plus $600 for the Priority Fields of Study, $450 for Incentives (for juniors and seniors only), and $300 for the bachelor’s degree program.

“We are pleased with our board’s decision and are thankful to Governor Torres that our office was given additional funding to continue to support higher education for our CNMI students. On a different note, I would like to remind applicants that the required supporting documents deadline is on Sept. 30, 2021,” said Administrator Sablan-Camacho.

For CNMI Scholarship Board Chairwoman Geralyn C. Dela Cruz, she emphasized that support for higher education assistance has always been an important subject for leaders in the Commonwealth.

“It has always been a ‘teamwork’ approach when identifying funds for scholarships. Primarily, scholarships administered by the CNMI Scholarship Office rely wholly on legislative appropriations, among others. As with everything else, scholarship awards are dependent on budget appropriations. For FY 2021, the CNMI Scholarship Office was appropriated $2.5 million in ARPA funds for scholarships. The CNMI Scholarship Board would like to thank Governor Torres and Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios for continuing to believe in our students and for supporting them on their journey towards attaining higher education,” said Chairwoman Dela Cruz.

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