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Students at Untalan Middle School's Student Body Association produced a public service video in May this year asking the community for help with information leading to solving the recent crime spree that hit the Barrigada school. Students  are also working with the Parent Teacher Association, which is asking for donations to purchase security cameras.

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — A homeless man who was arrested for attempting to break into a Mongmong business, also admitted he broke into Untalan Middle School on several occasions in search for food.

Tommy Dean Fejeran, 51, who said he was homeless and addicted to ice, shared this information after police arrested him for trying to break into Pacific Laundry in Mongmong.

On Nov. 13, 3:26 a.m. police officers received a call about an ongoing burglary. When officers arrived, they heard loud banging noises and saw Fejeran, 51, attempting to remove aluminum panels from the exterior door of the establishment, according to a magistrate’s report filed in Superior Court.

“Fejeran told officers he was trying to break in to check if there was money so he could buy food,” documents state. “He admitted he was homeless and addicted to ice.”

The manager of the laundry service said the damage to the door would cost about $500, documents state.

Police arrested Fejeran and upon confiscating his personal items found a black and red bag with a glass pipe inside it with suspected methamphetamine residue.

Fejeran  said he found the bag and “tasted” the ice that was in the bag, documents state.

He then confessed that he burglarized Untalan Middle School on several occasions to steal food. According to court documents he said he “felt bad for what he did and realized that he was hurting the children through his actions.”

He started to cry, saying “no one wants to help him and that he is tired of being homeless and wants to stop smoking ice,” documents state.

Court documents list three separate reports break ins at the Barrigada school.

• May 27, 2020: Personnel from UMS reported the Student Support Office window and door were shattered or damaged, and several desks and drawers had been rummaged through. The damage to the door was estimated at approximately $260, and the damage to the window approximately $500. Officials noted nothing of value was taken.

• June 2020: Sometime between June 5 to June 8. 2020, the Student Support Office at UMS was burglarized. A school aide stated someone had taken “the good snacks” from inside her filing cabinet, but nothing of value was taken. The window was broken and door were broken again.

• April 30, 2021: UMS officials reported another burglary, this time to four classrooms and the gym. Officers noted the classrooms were interconnected and could be accessed on either side. A six-inch hole had been punched through a glass window, and pry marks were noted on the window frame. After interviewing the teachers, officers discovered miscellaneous food items were taken from within the classrooms, however, nothing of value was taken from the gym. Fencing behind one of the classrooms was reported damaged.

The Barrigada school was broken into at least five times over a span of six months this year alone. Police have not announced developments in the other cases.

Earlier this year, students and parents from the school, with the help of local organizations were able to purchase items, including those related to their robotics program, that had been stolen.

The school's Parent Teacher Association is fundraising to purchase security cameras for the school.

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