THE public is cordially invited to attend the “Holiday Art Bazaar" on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kagman Community Center.  This is an event for the residents of Saipan and the Precinct 5 community to promote local art, artists and small businesses and to provide a venue for people to buy locally made gifts in time for the holidays.

The diversity of locally made products that will be available on this day will be seen in the variety of vendors who have signed up so far. Artists and small business owners you can expect to see at the KCC on this day are: NATURES Treasurers, coconut weaving and handmade items; Candle J, Handmade scented candles, sprays, waxmelts and coconut oils; Kim Mendiola's Localized Holiday gift wrap as seen on Instagram; Bonito Basula, handmade jewelry made from the beaches of Saipan; ChikuChiku, Hair accessories and gift baskets; Nai's Creations, handmade beaded jewelery, crafts and plants; Kips Art, sculptures and art; Treasures from the Sea, local shell jewelry and nature's gift art; Saipan Snaps, handcrafted greeting cards and Saipan Snaps cookies; Seasoned with Hafa Adai, Wood craft, macrame jewelry resin art; UchanEsti, Crochet goodies-hats, bags, tops, and Marianas Creations, who support many of these and other local artists by selling their work in their establishment year round. They will bring some of their current inventory of existing art for sale! 

There will also be a variety of food vendors selling lunch and some of your favorite treats: Pika Tinian, hot pepper paste and other items; Maipe Pachotmu, denanche; 2 Seastars Co., Chamorro Food pastries and gift baskets; Passion KB, the Cinnabun queen; Tylers Gelatte Stone, icecream; and PhoKing A, pho and other local fusion favorites.

This event is sponsored by the offices of your Precinct 5 representatives and has been approved by the Covid Task Force. The event will be following the governor's executive order..

For your interest and safety, note that the KCC auditorium Covid capacity is 160 people.  Organizers will ensure to stay well below the 50% mark.

 Additionally, there will be two large Airfilter Scrubber systems set up during the event.  Research on air filters during this pandemic has found that HEPA air filters can greatly reduce the airborne particles of Covid in an indoor space. Some articles you can read about it are here:

The Covid safety guidelines of the 3-W’s will be enforced.  Wash your hands, Wear a Mask, Watch your distance. 

“We hope to see you there.”

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