CHCC spokesman Lee Tenorio said the latest cases were identified through travel screening and testing on arrival.  They are safely in quarantine and have been moved to the designated isolation area for close monitoring, Tenorio added.

He said CHCC has also initiated contact tracing for the most immediate contacts of the new confirmed cases, including passengers on the same flight.

Seven persons were in isolation as of Oct. 10, CHCC stated, adding that 51 of the cases reported over the past several months were newly arrived passengers.

The data showed that 29 of these individuals traveled from the U.S. mainland, 12 from other U.S. territories and 10 from foreign countries.

CHCC said 26 of the total cases were diagnosed through screening, 10 through community-based testing or at CHCC and 16 through contact-tracing.

Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force Chairman Warren Villagomez said  “nothing has changed — we have not lowered our level of standards.”

He said they are still seeing a high number of cases in the region, “so the task force is in constant communication with its counterparts in the neighboring islands and making sure we are linked and synchronized.”

He said the borders, including the airports and seaports, will continue to be monitored closely.

Villagomez at the same time said he would also like to thank, once again, the frontliners “for the extraordinary work that they do.”

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