CUC appreciates the effort of the central government to pay it obligations, “but we have to address the $9 million also,” he added. Camacho said the administration assured him that “the balance will be addressed.”

As for the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.’s unpaid bill, it has now reached $40 million, Camacho said. “We have not received anything yet,” he added, referring to CHCC.

In March, Camacho asked the House Committee on Ways and Means to appropriate funds for the government’s utility bills and outstanding debts in the fiscal year 2021 budget.

In his letter, Camacho said the executive branch owed CUC $3.2 million; the Legislature, $75,657; the judiciary, $282,278; the municipality of Rota, $1,095,972; Tinian, $944,639; Saipan and the Northern Islands, $45,953; boards and commissions, $24,369; and independent programs, $131,394.

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