“I believe [that] the governor floated the idea, and went through the Department of Lands and Natural Resources review, and the secretary of DLNR went ahead and issued a permit for the introduction [of deer to Pagan]. It went through a permitting process, I believe,” Palacios said.

 “Pagan has a lot of feral animals already, [such as] feral pigs, feral goats, [and feral] cattle,” he added. “So I think the Department of Lands and Natural Resources [did consider] the existing environment and…situation there.”

Palacios said he is “not really aware of the process that…the secretary of the Department of Lands and Natural Resources went through. I hope that he did… [consult] wildlife biologists in this particular introduction. Whether or not those deer are going to withstand that environment is open to questions. I don’t know, but I believe I did see a permit that was issued by DLNR.”

The governor is in the Northern Islands with Robert Arrington, the host of the YouTube channel,  “Deer Meat for Dinner,” to promote the islands as an eco-tourism destination.

“I saw the first video that Mr. Arrington did on Rota, which is very good,” Palacios said. “I give credit to the young Mr. PK Hocog who brought [Arrington] over to Rota. I believe that when [Arrington] gets back…in the coming days, I heard that he might be going down to visit the [Hocog] family in Rota.”

Palacios added, “Kudos to those folks [who] were able to convince [Arrington] to come to the CNMI last year…. I don’t know how involved they are in this particular project in the Northern Islands, but I’m sure that they will be given the credit that is deservedly theirs.”

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