On Oct. 9, DPW sent IPI a notice of violations of Public Law 6-45 or the Building Safety Code of the Commonwealth.

DPW gave the casino construction project managers 10 days to correct or resolve the violations.

The notice was received by IPI resident project director Jing Zhou.

Section 7122 of P.L. 6-45 states, “Whenever any construction is being done contrary to the provisions of this safety code, the building safety official shall enforce the code by ordering the construction stopped by notice in writing served on the owner or the construction supervisor, or, in the event neither the owner nor the supervisor is at the building or on the premises, on any persons engaged in or causing such construction to be done, and any such person or persons shall promptly stop such construction until the project is in compliance with this code and continuation of work is authorized by the building safety official.”

The law also states, “If any stop-work order is not complied with, the Building Safety Official may obtain a court-ordered injunction and shall have recourse to every other means provided by law to stop such construction.”

The DPW notice lists the following violations:

  • Failure to provide approved construction documents, pursuant to a building code provision requiring IPI to submit shop drawings and revised plans for approval, for levels three to 14 of the IPI hotel tower.
  • Failure to select and obtain approval for an approved agency (special inspector) pursuant to a regulation that requires IPI to submit the name of the company’s selected special inspector, and that company must have a certified welder, electrical engineer, architect, mechanical engineer or staff, subject to approval by the building safety officer.
  • Failure to submit approved special inspector reports and test from June 2019 to present, pursuant to a regulation that requires IPI to submit special inspection reports for the months of September and October 2020.

Variety was unable to get a comment from IPI.

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