This involves allowing tourists from  places considered low-risk to visit the CNMI.

“But we are working to make sure that, first of all, our community is safe at every level,” he added.

Thank you Mr. President

The governor said he was happy to see the CNMI flag displayed Monday on the South Lawn of the White House during the swearing in of new U.S. Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“I am just happy to see our beautiful CNMI flag standing proudly at the White House during the ceremony,” Torres said.

“It will raise awareness about the CNMI, and if they have questions, it’s time for them to know that we are one of the safest places to visit,” he added.

Torres also said he is very grateful to President Donald Trump “for always being there for the CNMI.”

“From the emergency declarations that gave us  Federal Emergency Management Agency funding that we need, to the support in helping us secure federal funding against the coronavirus — without the president’s personal assistance, we will not have what we have now,” Torres said, referring to the Alternate Care Site and other federally funded programs.

“Instead of pointing out what we do not have, let’s appreciate what we have,” the governor said.

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