The governor appointed Eric Reyes to represent Tinian and Vinney Atalig-Hocog, Rota to the NMHC board.

The length of their term will be determined upon the organization of the NMHC board of directors.

The governor appointed Jocelyn King to the CDA board to represent Tinian for a four-year term.

In  separate appointment letters to Senate President Victor B. Hocog, the governor said he and Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios are confident in the appointees’ leadership qualities and ability to uphold the mandates and goals of NMHC and CDA “to further stimulate economic activity in the commonwealth.”

The appointments require the advice and consent of the Senate.

In an executive order last month, Torres rescinded E.O. 94-3, which abolished the Mariana Islands Housing Authority and transferred its functions to the CDA Division of Housing on Aug. 23, 1994.

In E.O. 2020-21, the governor noted the increase in NMHC responsibilities to manage and coordinate the federal Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program, which aims to support the long-term recovery needs of the Commonwealth following Super Typhoon Yutu.

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