According to IT&E CNMI general manager Rose Soledad, everyone who is on IT&E’s student/teacher discount program is already receiving unlimited access to online distance learning platforms,

On Friday, IT&E announced that it will provide data for unlimited access to three online platforms currently used by students and teachers: Blackboard Learning Management System, Blackboard Ultra, and G Suite for Education.

G Suite for Education includes Google Classroom, Meet, Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Duo, Hangouts and Chat.

IT&E CNMI marketing manager Natasha Tomokane, in a separate interview, said they were able to identify specific platforms that are most commonly used by students and teachers.

She said IT&E’s Distance Learning Program for Guam and the CNMI makes it possible for students and teachers to use online distance learning platforms either on their mobile phones or by using mobile data hotspot that will not be applied to their data bucket consumption.

To avail themselves of this offer, IT&E subscribers must have a wireless plan under the student or teacher discount program.

Students and teachers receive 10% off of their monthly payments.

 For postpaid subscribers with  student or teacher discount, they must present valid student/teacher identification in order to avail  themselves of this program.

Acceptable forms of student verification are a student ID, report card, schedule, or enrollment papers.

For teachers, acceptable forms of verification are either an employee ID or recent pay stub.

IT&E said its Remote Learning Program is also available as an add-on to select wireless plans for $5 a month, as long as the student or teacher discount is not applied.

“We remain committed to supporting our students and teachers. Learning remains vital and essential, including and especially during this public health crisis. It is also critical that we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our education stakeholders,” IT&E CNMI general manager Rose Soledad said.

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