Among the parole applicants is Vincent San Nicolas Norita who pleaded guilty to 18 traffic offenses that included speeding, reckless driving, fleeing or eluding a police officer, theft of vehicle, and tampering with vehicle.

Norita was 32 years old when he was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment in May 2017.

He was charged over his involvement in a high-speed chase on the evening of Dec. 9, 2016 that ended with his car hitting an embankment and overturning in Koblerville.

Police officers in that incident were also caught on video repeatedly hitting Norita and another suspect with batons while the two were on the ground.

The four other convicted felons who applied for parole are John Hamilton, Demson Sachuo, John Teregeyo, and Ronnie San Nicolas.

John Hamilton received a jail sentence of six years and six months. Police said he attacked a doctor and a lawyer with a screwdriver when they tried to stop him from escaping after he burglarized the lawyer’s apartment in Garapan.

Police said Demson Sachuo and his co-defendant, Amado Kereman, burglarized a Kagman home in Nov. 2018.

In Aug. 2018, Teregeyo pleaded guilty to arson and assault and battery, and was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment, five years of which were suspended. Police said Teregeyo  attempted to kill his then-girlfriend by dousing her, her clothes, their bed, and their bedroom with gasoline and pushing her inside the bedroom to prevent her from fleeing, as he set the room on fire.

In Sept. 2019, San Nicolas was sentenced to 12 years in prison, all suspended except for five years, for trafficking of a controlled substance — “ice.”

A revocation hearing has also been scheduled for Shawn C. Appleby, a convicted murderer.

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