Gant pled guilty to assault and battery, and was sentenced to a prison term of six months, all suspended with credit for time served pending trial.

He was arrested in June for unlawfully striking, beating, wounding, and causing bodily harm to his aunt with his hand.

Gant was released on Wednesday and placed under supervised probation for a year, and had until yesterday, Thursday, to report to the Office of Adult Probation.

He is required to pay $25 in court costs and a $120 supervision fee. He shall have no abusive, threatening, or illegal contact with the victim.

He must also submit to an assessment by the Community Guidance Center, and enroll in, attend, and successfully complete and pay for any recommended anger management education or treatment program.

Moreover, he must attend all scheduled medical and counseling appointments, take all medications as prescribed, and submit to random drug and/or alcohol testing that will take into account his prescribed medication.

He is not allowed to consume any illegal controlled substances, and he must obey all CNMI and federal laws, or risk having his probation revoked and face contempt of court charges.

In addition, he must complete 40 hours of community service that may be converted to fines at a rate of $7.50 per hour subject to approval from the Office of Adult Probation.

Gant was represented by Assistant Public Defender Karie Comstock while Assistant Attorney General Steven C. Kessell appeared for the CNMI government.

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