At the scene, officers observed a blue 4-door sedan with extensive damage on the front end. The vehicle had crashed into the concrete base of the traffic signal light post. Officers found an unresponsive male seated on the driver's seat. Officers tried to get a response from the individual but could not get any. Officers then checked to see if the operator had a pulse but did not find  any.

Shortly after, a traffic investigator and fire department medics arrived at the scene and confirmed that the operator had no pulse and was not breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was immediately administered as the operator was extracted out of the vehicle and rushed to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.

CHCC Emergency Room staff managed to revive the operator who was later moved to the Intensive Care Unit and listed as “critical condition.”

Officers later learned from Dr. Claessen that no serious injuries were found other than a few fractured ribs, lung contusion (which could have been caused by fractured ribs), and cardiac arrest.

At this time the operator remains in critical condition in the ICU and is being monitored by CHCC staff.

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