She said she respects the unanimous decision of the board to give her an annual $5,000 raise, and is humbled by the board members’ trust, “but I am not taking the raise.”

Based on her original contract, Iakopo said it was stipulated that she would get a $5,000 pay raise after three months of her employment.

But because of the government austerity she did not take the increase, she added.

Iakopo said she will not take the salary increase until all MVA  personnel who have been furloughed are recalled.

She said 23 of 34 MVA staff members have been furloughed, and of the 11 personnel left, Rota and Tinian have one each.

“With the austerity measures in place and furloughed employees, I will not accept the increase until 100 percent of my staff have returned back to work,” she reiterated.

Iakopo said [she considers] MVA staff members as the “backbone” of the agency.

A former interim chief financial officer and director of the procurement and supply division of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., Iakopo was hired by the MVA board in May 2019. Her contract was renewed for another year in June 2020. Her annual salary is $60,000.

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