“Last month, I expressed my support with our Republican leadership for Justice Amy Coney Barrett as an accomplished and excellent jurist, who will serve all Americans from Washington to the territories honorably on our nation’s highest court. She brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience from her work in private practice, in academia as a distinguished legal scholar and professor, and in public service as a bipartisan-supported federal judge. I wholeheartedly support President Trump in making another exceptional choice to the Supreme Court.

New associate justice

“I am especially proud to see our beautiful CNMI flag standing proudly at the White House during this ceremony. As Governor, I greatly appreciate our partnership with our President and the White House in their support during this Covid-19 pandemic, helping us secure funding for test kits, our alternate care site and medical facilities, PPE for our first responders, doctors, and nurses, and relief to keep our islands safe.”

Office of the Governor Facebook photo

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