Bernie Sanders went on to receive four delegates while Joe Biden received the remaining two.

All three pledged Bernie Sanders candidates received a delegate seat to this year’s Democratic National Convention to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 13-16.

Christian Punzalan, Stephen Woodruff, and Bertran Palacios are the three Sanders delegates and will meet to choose a fourth to join them. The pledged Joe Biden delegates met immediately with their caucus counterparts after the nominee was announced to select their two delegates which are Ambrose Bennett, and Marie Camacho with Eloise Lopez as the alternate.

“Despite the challenges I am proud the CNMI was able to participate in such an historic event. Bernie Sanders was the NMI’ s choice for president and the reason was because his supporters came out and voted — fair and square. When this race is over and whether it be Biden or Sanders, I am confident that either candidate will bring people together while being the best choice for America,” said NMI Democratic Party Chairwoman Nola Kileleman Hix.

“On behalf of the NMI Democratic Party we would like to extend our appreciation to our supporters, voters, and volunteers who participated in our caucus event. We would also like to thank the staff and management of World Resort Saipan, NMC on Tinian & Rota for their assistance, to the Biden campaign, and to Mr. Shannon Jackson from the Bernie Sanders campaign who flew in from the East Coast to participate in our event.

Hix said the “Roadside Wave for Change scheduled for today along with the Happy Hour Mixer scheduled for this Saturday are both postponed until further notice. Upon request, ticket buyers can reach out to sellers for their refunds or call 484-3367(DEMS) for assistance. We ask our community for their patience and understanding during this challenging time and our prayers are with everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

NMI Democrats thank supporters, postpone upcoming events
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