NMTI classes were suspended in March because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the NMTI board meeting on Wednesday, she said they could reopen the trade school in three phases.

She said phase 1 is for essential classes that can start immediately, while phases 2 and 3 may start at a later time.

“We have a commitment and we have to act immediately,” she added. “For example, we have a contract with PSS for electrical and maintenance courses. We have not fulfilled that obligation. They are under phase 1 and I would like as much as possible that they could continue,” she said.

“We still have CW funding and we can start reopening as soon as possible.”

Through educational tax credit donations, McPhetres said  NMTI was able to enter into a contract with a programmer to improve the school database, including  online registration.

While the online registration is still in the works, McPhetres has asked NMTI instructors to contact their students to determine how many are willing to register for the new term, which may start in January.

The board will look into McPhetres’ recommendation while waiting for more data regarding the number of students who will register next month.

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