It is the Board of Education that will decide whether PSS should pursue the loan or not, he added.

“For now, I’m saying we will not take it, but it all depends on the board’s decision. The MPLT loan issue has not been decided yet,” Ada said, adding that the BOE is scheduled to meet on May 13.

The board earlier authorized PSS to borrow $5 million from the MPLT to pay the locally funded employees of the school system.

PSS acting finance director Kimo Rosario said PSS owed its teachers and other school personnel $3.4 million.

But Ada said PSS has begun paying its employees.

On April 24, he said, they received the remaining 30% of their paychecks from pay period 7 after the central government transferred $500,000 to PSS.

On May 7, Secretary of Finance David Atalig transferred an additional $1.3 million to PSS to cover its payroll.

Moreover, PSS is expecting to receive $22 million from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security or CARES Act.

“We will take care of all our obligations to our employees first,” Ada said.

He added that the funds will also pay for the teachers’ training sessions on remote learning as well as social and emotional learning.

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