“I would suggest that for today’s [Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation] session, now that we are, for the most part, here in attendance, and we have the nominees present, that we dissolve into the committee of the whole, and give everybody a chance to ask any lingering questions they might have,” she said.

“Furthermore, we would respectfully request that we place the nominees under oath…. Casino commissioners are regulating an industry that has had so many problems since the very beginning. We really need to have the assurance of people testifying under oath, under penalty of perjury, and be able to ask questions and get honest answers,” she added.

House Minority Leader Edwin Propst seconded her motion with Rep. Sheila Babauta expressing support for it as well.

“I totally support…placing the appointees under oath so that we can ask all of our questions… I urge my colleagues and this body to proceed in that manner,” Babauta added.

But the motion was defeated by a voice vote.

Asked for comment, a member of the legal community who declined to be identified said if the nominees were asked to testify under oath, “they could have demanded the presence of their lawyers — and they could have answered, ‘As far as I can remember…’; or ‘I’ll get back to you.’ Or they could have refused to answer a question.”

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