Since the closure of Tinian Dynasty in 2015, the casino revenue of the island has been “greatly diminished,” the local bill states, adding that although there are other casino licensees, “they have not been able to build an operational casino facility at this time.”

S.L.B. 21-11 states that “each member shall receive compensation of $55,000 annually from a budget adopted by the commission for its operations and approved by the Tinian Legislative Delegation through appropriation.”

The local bill also states that “no commissioner shall be given fringe benefits.” However, all members of the commission would be entitled to reimbursement for expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties, including expenses of travel outside the Municipality of Tinian.

According to the bill, the members of the commission are not employees of the commission or the Commonwealth government.

“More cost-cutting measures such as the reduction of the salaries of the commissioners and elimination of fringe benefits are necessary to keep the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission open during these difficult economic times,” the bill stated.

S.L.B. 21-11 also states that “a commissioner's term shall commence on the day of his or her confirmation by the Tinian Municipal Council. Upon the confirmation of a commissioner, a contract shall be executed in favor of the confirmed commissioner that reflects a six-year term in office.”

This provision addresses the confusion about the start of the commissioners’ term in office, which many believe was at the time they are sworn in.

The local bill  reiterates that the commissioners “shall serve a term of six years except that upon the first five appointments, two shall serve six-year terms, two shall serve five-year terms, and one shall serve a four-year term, to be determined by drawing of lots by the members after their confirmation.”

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