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Bantalan Sugar Dock Inc. treasurer Vivian Fleming speaks as Bantalan president Ramon Cabrera, left, board vice chairman Stanley Villgomez, second left, and Aging Office Director Walter Manglona, right, listen during the Thanksgiving lunch hosted by Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios and Saipan Mayor David Apatang at the Manamko’ Center on Tuesday.

AGING Office Director Walter Manglona on Tuesday announced that all the senior citizens who frequent the manamko’ center are fully vaccinated and most have received booster shots.

In an interview, Manglona said his office worked collaboratively with the Governor's Covid-19 Task Force to ensure the safety of the elders.

"We continue to encourage them to practice the three Ws — wash your hands, wear a mask and watch your distance. But as much as we want to make sure that we protect them, we also want to make sure that we help them stay optimistic and not fall into depression and feel sad."

He added, "We had to make them feel that everything is okay while cautiously watching them. Now, they are all vaccinated and almost everybody got their booster shots.”

Manglona said he and the rest of the Aging Office staff as well as the manamko’ were tested last week in response to the ongoing community spread.

“I am very happy that we are all negative,” he said, adding that he is also thankful to members of the community and community groups such as Bantalan Sugar Dock Inc. who, despite the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, are still making donations to the manamko’ or are spending time with them,” Manglona added.

"There's a lot of hardships and sadness happening around the world so when we work with senior citizens we want to make sure that we continue to help them stay happy and positive and we are very truly blessed that there are still people in the community who still care about the manamko'," Manglona said.


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