EUCON International School on Friday last week graduated nine high school seniors, and promoted six middle school and 11 elementary school students.

The top students among them received awards for academic excellence.

The high school valedictorian, Min Hao, said learning English helped him excel in academics and skills development that he will need when he pursues higher education.

“I struggled with English and no one could help me,” he recalled. “I realized that I must memorize every single word by myself. God was my comfort during those days. He relieved my sorrow and gave me strength and peace. I had always been among the bottom three students of my English class while in China, but by God’s grace, I can now stand before you in this graduation ceremony.”

Min Hao thanked his teachers who taught him patience and tolerance. He also thanked the sisters of the EUCON Church, especially Mrs. Lucy Sartler, who showed him the love of motherhood. “Her smile encouraged me to face the difficulties of school life. I want to thank my dormmates who lived with me, learned with me, and faced troubles and disasters together with me.”

Finally, Min Hao thanked his parents who supported him and motivated him to study hard.

“My parents worked very hard to give me this opportunity. The only thing I could do to pay them back was to study hard. EUCON has taught me the academic knowledge and skills that I need for higher education, but more importantly, EUCON has taught me honesty, humbleness, and to grow and learn from long-suffering — qualities that I need for life,” Min Hao said.

Aside from Min Hao, the other graduating high school students of EUCON are  Yue Na Chen, Zhu Chen He, Xin Yi Liang, Qi Guang Liu, Jeriah Pecson, Jian Ruan, Xu Shuo Wang and Ming Yang Xu. Their teacher is Dr. Wade Bacon.

Min Hao received the President's Award and Ming Yang Xu received the Dean's Award.


EUCON also promoted middle school students Angelo Vince Bautista, David Zheng Cai, Rohana Maegan N. De Jesus, Hyena Kim, Joseph S. Paraiso and Jun Wen Yu. Their teacher is Christiana Wei.

The eighth grade honor roll includes Rohana Maegan De Jesus and Joseph Paraiso. De Jesus also received the Dean's Award while Vince Angelo Bautista is the recipient of the Principal's Award.

As for the elementary school students who were promoted, they are Hunter Whyett Alcoy, Faith Ellis Bautista, Alina Huang, Kylie Andrea Leomo, Ruo Yi Li, Bo Ying Lin, Josephine Lopez, Brianna Mae Paraiso, Hao Yun Rao, Wen Jie Xue and Phoebe Zhang. Their teacher is Christina Nowak.

Briana Mae Paraiso received the President's Award; Faith Ellis Bautista received the Dean's Award; Boying Lin received the Principal's Award; and Kylie Andrea Leomo, Josephine Lopez, and Phoebe Zhang received the Outstanding Students Award.


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