Mobil San Jose

A gas attendant serves a customer at Mobil San Jose which changed its prices on Wednesday.

MOBIL Oil Marianas on Wednesday reduced the prices of its regular and premium gasoline and diesel for the second time this month. Shell is expected to replicate the price reduction.

Mobil's regular gas price went down to $4.96 a gallon from $5.06 a gallon. The premium gas price went down to $5.41 a gallon from $5.51 a gallon and the diesel price went down to $5.23 a gallon from $5.33 a gallon.

On Rota, Mobil’s regular gas price is $6.54 a gallon while diesel costs $8.87 a gallon.

On Tinian, the price of regular gas at Mobil is $6.889 a gallon while diesel costs $7.049 a gallon.

Saipan community volunteer Max Aguon said he hopes the gas prices will continue to go down as this will help a lot of people save money.

He said he is very grateful to Mobil for supporting his volunteer work by providing him with $100 worth of gas every month for one year.

"I never stop going around the island to pick up trash. I continue to keep the Sugar Dock area clean and I continue to advocate for a clean island," said Aguon who works for the Department of Lands and Natural Resources-Division of Parks and Recreation.

CNBC reported that oil prices fell on Wednesday “as the U.S.-led coordinated release of stocks from strategic reserves eased concerns over tightness in global supply, while investors took profits from the previous day’s rally ahead of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.”

“The coordinated efforts by oil consuming countries to lower crude prices prompted fresh selling,” Kazuhiko Saito, chief analyst at Fujitomi Securities, told CNBC.

“Behind the decline is also [profit taking] ahead of the U.S. holiday,” he said, adding concerns over slower demand in Europe amid a resurgence in the Covid-19 pandemic also weighed on sentiment.


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