Northern Marianas Technical Institute Chief Executive Officer Jodina Attao, center, poses for a photo with Lucio Saures, left,  NMTI’s Staff of the Year, and Rodante Yumul, right, the Instructor of the Year.

THE Northern Marianas Technical Institute honored Lucio Saures as Staff of the Year and Rodante Yumul as Instructor of the Year.

NMTI Chief Executive Officer Jodina Attao said the two were chosen based on their qualities and commitment in carrying out their responsibilities.

She said the awardees exhibit moral principles, strong character, and they believe in the importance of their duties.

Saures and Yumul are reliable, consistent, motivated and productive, Attao added.

Saures and Yumul were each given a certificate of recognition and an appreciation gift of $300. They are also provided reserved parking spots on campus that they will enjoy for a year.

According to Attao, Saures is everyone’s “go-to” guy when they need something done. “He’s always the first to arrive and the last to leave [the campus].”

Saures, who has been with the trade school for 11 years now, is its facilities manager.

He used to work at Tropical Leisure Sports as beach activities coordinator for tourists.

Yumul, for his part, is known for his enthusiasm that helps students get closer to their goals each day, Attao said.

No stranger to leadership positions, Yumul previously managed his own automotive shop and family-owned hardware store. He also managed Naked Fish Bar & Grill. A man of diverse skills and talents, Yumul worked as a diesel mechanic at the Marpi Landfill, and was a drummer of a cover band. He has been with the trade school for 13 years now.

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