AN off-duty police officer has been identified as the person who assaulted a customer at Cheers Bar in Garapan on Saturday based on a review of the establishment’s security video footage.

Iris John Rangamar

Police Officer Iris John Rangamar, center, back to the camera, is escorted by Corrections officers to a bail hearing on Monday morning.

Photo by Bryan Manabat

Department of Public Safety Police Officer Iris John Rangamar, 26, appeared Monday morning before Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho for a bail hearing and was charged with assault and battery, and disturbing the peace.

Judge Camacho imposed a $2,000 cash bail on Rangamar, but allowed her to post 10% of the bail or $200.

The judge likewise ordered the defendant to surrender her firearms. The judge added that the defendant will be placed on desk duty after posting bail.

He said Rangamar must follow a strict home-to-work schedule and will return to court for preliminary hearing on Jan. 20 at 9 a.m. and for arraignment on Jan. 26 at 9 a.m.

Emily Thompson of the Public Defender’s Office was appointed as Rangamar’s defense counsel.

Assistant Attorney General Steve Kessel, who appeared for the government, told the court that disturbing the peace is punishable by six months' imprisonment and $500 fine, while assault and battery carries a maximum sentence of one-year imprisonment and $1,000 fine.

The victim showed a police officer the injuries he sustained after an altercation with and being attacked by a woman whom the victim said he does not know at Cheers Bar in Garapan.

Police observed four scratch marks on the victim’s chest, a laceration on his lower chest, an abrasion on his stomach, and a bump/swelling and redness on his eyebrow and cheek.

In an interview with the police, the victim said a woman whom he does not know walked uninvited into the private room of Cheers Bar. At the time, he said he was with a male friend drinking alcoholic beverages.

He said he ordered four shots of Jack Daniels as it was near closing time.

The victim said he and his friend each took a shot while the female took two shots.

After taking the shots, the female became aggressive, the victim said, adding that the female jumped on his lap and pinned him down.

He tried to push her off, but she began punching him in the face and torso.

He said the female ripped open his button-down polo shirt and scratched him multiple times on the chest and on the stomach.

When he was able to push her off he ran out of the private room.

Outside the private room by the bar area, the victim said he was punched at the back of the head, and was pushed, causing him to fall backwards against a glass door, which then shattered and broke.

The surveillance video footage also showed the female kicking the victim’s head while he was on the ground after being pushed to the glass door.

After reviewing the security footage from the bar, investigators identified the woman as Police Officer Iris John Rangamar.


Bryan Manabat studied criminal justice at Northern Marianas College. He covers the community, tourism, business, police and court beats.

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