(Press Release) — CNMI residents are invited to express their interest in serving as a board member for Our Common Wealth 670 or OCW 670.

OCW 670 is a grassroots community group that advocates for the de-escalation of militarization throughout the Marianas archipelago. Our goal is to protect our ancestral lands, seas and skies from irreparable damage caused by military practices and other developments that pose a threat to our health, physical environment and livelihoods. We do this by increasing awareness of current military planning and the political policies that affect us the most, actively engaging in public education, research and advocacy that promotes the unique beauty and importance of our islands and cultures.

It is an exciting time for our budding organization — our group of concerned citizens officially incorporated only this year, yet we are proud to report having already participated in several presentations at the United Nations alongside our counterparts in Guam, Okinawa, Hawaii, and New Zealand. We were awarded our first grant-funded program from the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development or APWLD in March, allowing us to hire a researcher and receive grassroots organizational guidance through APWLD.

OCW 670’s board of directors is comprised of four members who serve indefinite terms. Our hope is to bring 1-3 more leaders onboard, one of which will serve as treasurer. The ideal candidate will have a strong desire to promote the OCW 670’s mission, programs, and activities and to actively participate in fundraising activities.

Board responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Attending regular board meetings once a month;

• Engaging with community partners;

•  Promoting awareness about the OCW 670’s mission and its programs in the community;

• Attending OCW programs and activities;

• Participating in working committee meetings;

•  Attending conferences, workshops, presentations, and other meetings on behalf of OCW 670.

Applicants are invited to email their letters of interest and résumés to ourcommonwealth670@gmail.com by Oct. 7, 2021. 

For additional information, visit www.ocw670.com or follow us on instagram at @ourcommonwealth670

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