The Palau Public Utilities Corp. has partnered with the Palau Community College to strengthen PPUC’s recruitment efforts. On  May 25, 2021, PPUC met with the president of PCC, Patrick Tellei, Ed.D, Dean of Student Services Hilda Reklai, Dean of Continuing Education Jefferson Thomas, and Dean of Academic Affairs Deikola Olikong to discuss opportunities to better engage with college students and hopefully encourage them to seek employment in PPUC after graduation. As Palau’s sole provider of electric, water and wastewater services, PPUC offers many career opportunities in various fields including administration, accounting, and more importantly technical fields such as engineering, mechanics, plumbing, etc. PPUC continues to experience challenges when recruiting locals to fill technical positions. In turn, college president Tellei informed PPUC of the many trainings and educational programs available at PCC that current employees may take advantage of. PPUC will  host a few recent PCC graduates on their internship, which has proven to be another effective way to recruit and hire potential employees. PPUC says “Mesulang to President Tellei and the entire PCC Team for their support and partnership.”

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