CNMI Covid-19 Task Force Chairman Warren F. Villagomez on Friday said  the Office of the Attorney General will decide whether or not to take to court the  individuals who have violated the mandated Covid-19 quarantine protocols.

“We’re getting details and more information, but we’re working on those violators, and we’ll provide more updates down the road,” he said, adding that he has been in discussion with the criminal division of the AG’s office.

In a separate interview, Department of Public Safety Commissioner Robert Guerrero said  when it comes to the enforcement of  mandated quarantine protocols, DPS follows the task force’s lead.

“We take the lead from them when they need further assistance for security purposes. There’s a strong collaboration between DPS and the task force in terms of securing the community from the spread of Covid-19 spread,” he added.

Guerrero said the task force provides guidelines and if these call for additional enforcement officers, then DPS will provide the needed officers.

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