Kacific is a satellite operator providing a high-speed broadband internet service in the South East Asia and Pacific Islands region.

The TRA chief executive officer, Takuro Akinaga, stated that “the role of TRA is to support an environment that encourages the entry of new telecommunications operators into the FSM. While it is early days, we are pleased to see that investors both locally and internationally have been showing interest in providing services in the FSM.”

The other licensed operators in the FSM are FSM Telecommunications Corporation (the FSM’s incumbent provider of telecommunication services to the public), the FSM Telecommunications Cable Corporation (commonly referred to as the OAE, which invests in and oversees the FSM’s critical telecommunications infrastructure), and Boom! Inc. which was recently issued a license to offer internet services in Yap.

Akinaga noted that the 21st FSM Congress had approved on April 21 a World Bank grant which would see significant investment by the OAE into bringing fiber to the home for the main islands of the FSM, enhanced outer island connectivity by satellite and the development of e-government services designed to enable all citizens to access government services easily and more quickly.

“The government’s decision to invest in a modern open-access telecommunications network will assist the work of the TRA. It demonstrates the priority the government is placing on connecting citizens. We hope that the government investment into the open-access telecommunications network will encourage sustainable competition for retail telecommunication services across the FSM. This will provide the people of the FSM with a choice of providers. When this happens the benefits of competition will become noticeable,” Akinaga said.

Akinaga noted that the aim of new investment, competition, and the work of the TRA is to provide the people of the FSM with affordable, reliable and fast telecommunication services.

Akinaga said: “Achieving this will deliver real benefits for the economy, for the delivery and quality of core government services like health and education as well as providing citizens with better and more affordable connectivity.”

Details of the license are available at  http://tra.fm/public-register-of-licences

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