(Press Release) —  Rep. Angel A. Demapan has introduced House  Bill  22-67,  to  include  public  libraries  in  the  list  of  eligible  entities  for  net metering and to prioritize the interconnection with net metering for renewable energy capacity at the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

“Including public libraries in the definition of education entities will allow our public libraries to qualify and apply for federal grants that support the White House’s priorities for clean energy to power the future in the U.S. territories as part of the larger efforts towards energy security in America,” said Representative Demapan.

At present, Public Law 18-75 only provides exemptions for net metering for health and education entities in the Northern Mariana Islands, in particular the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. and the Public School System.

Demapan wants to assist the Commonwealth’s public libraries in their efforts to apply for federal grants that will help public libraries reduce their utility costs and dependence on non-renewable energy.

“Over time, CHCC, PSS, and public libraries will save millions of dollars in utility costs and  in  turn,  be  able  to  utilize  the  money  saved  for  other  essential  needs  of  their respective operations,” Demapan said.

In addition, any reasonable direct expense to CUC for reviewing and interconnecting the photovoltaic or wind power renewable energy capacity shall be the responsibility of the entity and that there would be no cost to CUC to prioritize the interconnection of the renewable energy.

“I would like to recognize Erlinda Naputi, Joeten-Kiyu Public Library director, and her team for proactively seeking federal grants that would help them reduce their operations costs,” Demapan said. “It was through their efforts applying for grants that Director Naputi raised the issue regarding the need to enact statute to include public libraries in the list of eligible entities for net metering.”

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